Thursday, 25 February 2016

Updates 25th February 2016

Update - Update - Update!

Event 1 - Coffee Free - still going strong and well into week three now!
Event 2 - Resources - Yes! Sales have started to happen, but I am unable to withdraw the money from the account / upload to my fundraising until I reach £10! So, watch this space!

The Blog;
This week, we reached the big 300 hits! Thank You to all of my readers for getting us there so quickly! The blog has only been active 3 weeks!

What's New?
I have added a page all about the basic navigation that, as clipper crew, you should know. I have also linked in some useful websites / publications so you guys can do some more reading! Click here to see this page!

What to look forward to?
Training Updates (April 2016)
News of Fundraising Activities

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