Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

  • Making resources for teachers! [Ongoing]
Sounds crazy, making resources. But, it is something I do almost everyday for my kids and fellow teachers! So, what I am doing is publishing my resources on TES, they are all £1! The link to my "shop" is -> 
Write a comment/leave feedback on TES, and leave your name so I can thank you on the blog!

  • Eye Patch Fundraiser! [Ongoing] 
As you may have seen on all of my "socials" (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) I have gained quite a large box of Pirate Eye patches! There are three designs that you can purchase and make a donation via my just giving page totalling the amount of your order. PATCHES ARE LIMITED SO GET IN QUICK! 
REMEMBER: Each eye patch is £1, Postage PER PATCH is 50p! Once you have decided which one(s) you would like.... get in touch via "contact me" (opposite) or any of my social links listed above. 
Don't forget, once you receive your eye patch, send in a picture via a message / e-mail wearing your eye patch (Pirate attire optional) and you'll be added to my crew supporter page in this blog, and onto my socials! 
Thanks Guys!
  • YOGA MONTH -[1st Sept - 30th Sept]
Hi Everyone!
In recent months, I have been taking part in Yoga sessions, once a week. I have been seeing the benefits of Yoga, especially when I have had "bad days" with my back and hips... When I return to China... I am upping-the-anti, I plan to do one hour sessions of yoga, every day, for a month. Not only will I see improvements in myself, I hope to overal improve balance, focus, and core strength, AND be able to RELAX (If you know me well enough... you will know that WORK is my life!) Hopfully, a month of intense yoga will see me make small improvements to my lifestyle!
  • Sponsored Swim - [20th July 2016] COMPLETE - £10 RAISED
Hi everyone! I will be doing a sponsored swim in the local pool of my hometown back in the UK on July 20th. I hope to be in the pool for around 2 hours, and I want to swim as many lengths as I can!
You can sponsor me via my just giving page [ ], or you can click to donate from my homepage of this blog... OR, if you are going to be there, sign the sponsorship form!
You can sponsor per length, or for an amount swam in total... it is completely up to YOU!

Of course, and as always, your support is greatfully recieved!
Updates will be added in due course!
  • Coffee Free for a Month [10th Feb - 10th Mar 2016] COMPLETE - £10 RAISED
Hi everyone! So, I have decided to quite literally BITE THE BULLETT and have A SINGLE month without coffee. Coffee is my lifeline during the day, I love it dearly... but I thought, you know what - lets raise some cash, and give it up for a month!
One of my friends, who shall remain nameless (but you know who you are!!!!!!) said...

"I think that you are completely mental to give up coffee. You wouldn't be able to cope... I give you a day!"
Well, thanks - BUT - lets just see eh?!

** More Events COMING SOON **