Eye Patch Fundraiser - Crew Supporters

Eye Patch Fundraiser - Info & Your Pictures

The Fundraiser

To sell eye patches from JST, at £1 each, 50p postage. 

Eye Patch Designs

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

How do I purchase?

1) Chose which design patch(es) you would like.
2) Go to my Just Giving Page - make a donation that equates the amount of your order (don't forget to add gift aid!, and write a comment including "Eye Patch Fundraiser") [E.G. 5 patches, design 2 = £5, Postage = £2.50 TOTAL DONATION = £7.50)
3) Send me a message via my OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE or use CONTACT ME (on the left hand side of the homepage) on this blog to send me; Design Number, Amount of Patches, Name and Address, and e-mail address) Once I have posted your eye patch, I will send you an e-mail confirming dispatch.
4) Once you receive your patch(es), don't forget to send me a picture (pirate attire optional) to my OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE so you can become a crew supporter! Your pictures will also be added to my blog!

Crew Supporter Pictures

Bob Barton (Essex, UK)

Lis Barton (Essex, UK)
Dave Harries (17/18 Crew), (Broad Haven, UK)

Sandra Squire (17/18 Crew), Wisbech, UK

Steve C, Crew Supporter, (Lydd-on-Sea, UK)
Bob (Young Crew Supporter) (Wisbech, UK)
Denise & Beck (Essex, UK)