Thank You!!

Thank You!

It goes without saying, that the following people / organisations have been very supportive of me in this crazy adventure of mine to sail around the world. From me, a very big THANKYOU for your support, and I am honoured that you feel I am worthy of the support! So, this list is likely to grow, and does start off a bit cheesy-oscar-nomination-style, BUT all of you deserve a mention! I hope I don't forget anyone!

  • The WHOLE team (Both UK and Australia) at Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. You guys are so inspirational, supportive, caring and one the whole - awesome. It has been an absolute blast so far in my training, and I hope the friendly relationship we have continues! Thanks! :-)
  • My skipper, Chris Kobusch What an absolute rock star. He has been so kind, caring and supportive of me in what was a very tricky Leg 1, right through my decision to step off to coming back again. He is a real inspiration and I have throughouly enjoyed sailing with him and Team Qingdao this year.
  • Jubilee Sailing Trust. This charity, is just incredible. It is not often that something [sailing] that people with mild - severe disabilities are able to do with all of the support in the world. The network is just incredible, the ships are awesome. I felt very proud and completely revitalised once I sailed onboard the good ship STS LORD NELSON. I feel it is only fair to give back what you gave to me - confidence. So, I am fundraising for you guys. I hope to raise awareness of the awesome work that you do! Thanks for being fantastic! :-)
  • The Marine Society & Sea Cadets [And the gang at TS REBEL!]. Again, it does without saying that the Sea Cadets has been a massive "chunk" of my life. Having joined Walton-on-the-Naze Sea Cadets (T.S ILLUSTRIOUS) at the age of 12 and made my way through the ranks. I have had some incredible experiences with the Sea Cadets, acheiving my Gold DofE Award, sailing onboard the good ship TS ROYALIST, being a Watch Officer onboard both TS JACK PETCHEY and TS JOHN JERWOOD, being an instructor as TS REBEL which involes an insane amount skills and multi-tasking ability!, Galley Assist, Anchor Lifter!, Navigation Instructor, Mother, Driver (of boats!), Mate onboard TS LEOPOLD MULLER, and Driver of H19, and Assist onboard THAMES SHIPWRIGHT and THAMES FULLER, taking part is various local races, taking part in various summer camps, being a part of the T200 fleet review, and being able to serve sandwiches to Royalty! (at just 13 years old!) Flying on a helicopter and landing onboard HMS ILLUSTRIOUS. What a cracking time I've had! If I didn't attend the Sea Cadets,  I think my love of the sea wouldn't have developed!
  • My Parents, and family members. (Now this is the bit that sounds like the oscars) Well... Where do I begin with the foundation that is my awesome parents and siblings! I honestly, have absolutely, no idea, how the hell you manage to put up with me and all of my crazy! In all seriousness though, you guys are my rock and I love you all dearly! Bring on the finish line in 2018! :D xxx
  • Mark Burkes & The Team at Fierce Turtle. I bet you thought you wasn't going to get  a mention, eh, Mark?! But... you totally deserve it! I have known you for 3 years, and had the pleasure of completing some of my Clipper training with you back in 2013!! I followed you when you took the helm of CV27 in 13/14 race, and we stayed in touch since. I called on you to assist with "boot advice" and you were there :) Being all cool and awesome and stuff! So, thanks for being you! :)
  • My Friends and Colleagues at SUIS. This thank you is quite simple. Thanks for letting be bang on and on about the Clipper Race and how cool it is... also, allowing me leave to train in AUstralia is fairly important too! I hope you guys follow the race while I am away for the year! Thanks for being awesome, and showing and interest, while I pester you all the time! :D haha!
  • Pacific Sailing School, NSW Australia. A little thank you goes to you guys for running the Sea Survival course during our Level Two Clipper Training Week. It was great fun, and thanks for sharing all of your stories and knowledge with us!
  • People that have donated At the moment, there is only a very small number of you... thank you for kick-starting the donations! As time goes on, I hope peoplewill donate as I carry out the minor-fundraising events, before THE BIG-ONE (Circumnavigation) in Augst 2017! If you haven't donated yet, and you would like to, please click here. (It will take you to my fundraising page). Thanks for donating :D
  • My Followers via. Social Media. Now, this is a weird one - but there are so many of you that I think you guys should get a mention! :-) I have an offical Facebook Page (Click Here) and Twitter Account (Click Here) and you guys are RT'ing me, and liking my posts - thats great. Now, Share my page! Get people to like it too, I would love people to be more aware of what I'm up to! Thanks! :)
Over time, I am sure that there will be many more people to thank - including sponsors! So, keep an eye for future updates!