Team Building - Qingdao [June 2017]

Team Building Weekend

17th - 18th June 2017

Qingdao, Shandong, China

As a few of our team members could not be at the Team Building in the UK, we thought it was appropriate to have our own, mini team building weekend, here, in China! What a weekend we have had; walking just over 15 miles during the two days and visiting many of Qingdao’s beauty spots as well as learning about the history of this excellent city.
Lennon's Bar (Credit; M Linkins)

17th June 2017

A teacher-friend of mine, Mary and I made a move from Shanghai on the morning on 17th June to fly to Qingdao. We were greeted by one of the Qingdao Ambassadors, Jack Liuo. We had quite a morning, so deemed it appropriate to grab lunch. We went to the Clipper-Renowned bar, “Lennons Bar”. 

Jack Liuo & I (Credit; M Linkins)
Amazing food at Lennon's
What an awesome place… aside from what you first see in a bar, you know, the bar, tables, chairs, stage etc. Where else are you going to see musical instruments displayed around the room, a complete set of Phonetic Flags and the Clipper TV Programme being played? Yes, Clipper, is very well looked after here! We were greeted and treated like hero’s when we told our waiter about our adventure!

Jack & I (Credit; M Linkins)
Qingdao History Museum
Our next stop was to visit the Qingdao museum, whose theme was the history of Qingdao. What an AWESOME place. Qingdao has so much history, I cannot post all of my pictures here. But, this city had been largely occupied by Germany and Japan over the years, and of course, changed in many ways during each of the Dynasties. As you drive through the city, you can see where different areas were influenced by either Japan or Germany. I was absolutely fascinated as we made our way through here. We learnt about Qingdao History, Calligraphy, Handicrafts and Ceramics.

Qingdao Sculpture Garden and Beach
After being inside for so long in a museum which appeared to lack air circulation, we headed for the park/beach, called Qingdao Sculpture Garden. It was truly beautiful to get some sea-fresh air as opposed to [slightly] polluted-air! There were many artistic structures here, as well as what seemed to be miles of beach. While we were here we also spoke about how the yacht will run, in terms of watches, and what happens on board – roles etc.

We then made the move to head back towards the marina and have a spot of dinner the local bar which used to be called the Dubliner, it has since changed name (so any crew mates that have been here before may be sad to hear that!), it is now called LAB (Leave All Behind), some of the characteristics are the same. Here we also met a second crew member, Huan Xu. She was very excited to be able to join us for a while this evening.

We took a stroll along the Qingdao Marina Parade, crossed over rainbow bridge and went to the May 4th Garden. This city looks beautiful in both daylight and at night. So many lights!
After this long, adventurous day, we decided to call it a night, and went our separate ways after deciding the plan for 18th June… exciting times were ahead!
Jack, Huan and I
May 4th Garden

18th June 2017

The walk towards the lighthouse
Another beautiful morning greeted us in Qingdao. Mary and I went for a stroll before meeting Jack. We made our way towards the lighthouse, and admired the number of flags, people, and fishing vessels! It was quite busy for a Sunday at 8am! The skyline looked so different in daylight, but beautiful none the less. Fact: did you know, Southampton is 8800km (5,468 Miles) from Qingdao?!?
When we met with Jack, we decided that we would do to see the Badaguan Scenic Park and Seaside Sightseeing Path. Another beautiful morning of walking and exploring in Qingdao. As we walked, we spoke more about the boat, as well as the race. I’m very proud to be able to say that I have taken part in the race before, because I was able to answer quite a few questions as well as share my experiences.  
Entrance to Tsingtao Beer Museum
After this long walk, which was beautiful, we decided that it would be only right to visit the Tsingtao Beer Museum! Of course, this came with its, free samples etc. It’s a great museum, and a great chance for me to practice my [very little] Chinese and likewise for Jack to practice English. A must see sight (If we have time!)
After this visit, lunch and coffee was definitely needed. We were also scheduled to fit in two more sights prior to making our way to Qingdao Liuting International Airport to return to Shanghai. The last two stops on our journey saw us visit a Catholic Church and lastly Zhangqiao Pier. 

Pavilion at Zhangqiao Pier
Lastly, we made our way to Zhangqiao Pier. We met with Huan and her friend here. There was a pavilion at the end of the pier, which was swarming with people, we didn’t go inside, just walked, and talked. This building is an octagon shaped pavilion.
It was a lovely sight, great water, across the bay there was a maritime museum where we saw two vessels tied up alongside, a destroyer and a submarine. Jack also gave me a cap, from his shipmates destroyer. (He was a captain!).

谢谢,青岛! 再见

I must say, my thanks must go to Jack. You were an absolute credit to the Qingdao Ambassador team, and such a good sport. Jack, was our driver and tour guide during our visit to Qingdao. Thank You for your hospitality, and I will see you in the UK in a couple of weeks!