Day Shapes & Lights

Day Shapes & Lights

Day Shapes are the items that are use by (most) mariners to identify their vessel and action to other mariners. There are a few day shapes, and they are also have lights. Day shapes are black in colour and should be positioned in an obvious place! Below, I will show you the day shape, lights, and meaning. I hope you find it useful!
In their most basic form, there are four shapes: ball, cylinder, cone and diamond. Now, using these in combinations, you are able to create the following;

Vessel at Anchor

One Black Ball

Vessel Not Under Command

Two Black Balls

Vessel Aground

Three Black Balls

Motor Sailing

Sailing vessel, using engine when sails are set.
One Black Cone, pointing down

Fishing Vessel

Two Black Cones, facing inwards.

Vessel Constrained by Draught

One Black Cylinder

Restricted in Ability to Manoeurve

Black Ball, Black Diamond, Black Ball

Power-driven vessel towing

One Black Diamond