Crew Allocation [20th May 2017]

Crew Allocation
Portsmouth, UK

Saturday 20th May 2017

So! The big day is here! Today, we find out: which boat we will be on, who will be our skipper, what job(s) will we have on board, as well as all things race tactic related.

Portsmouth Guildhall
What an immense feeling to arrive at Portsmouth Guildhall, and to see the sea of Red Clipper Race jackets, the Clipper flags, and fellow crew that I had sailed with before and meet up with old friends also. 
It was all go from the moment we walked through the doors - some people still had to receive their famous red jacket as well as have their head shot taken. So exciting!
The Clipper Crazies (Photo Credit - Sandra Squire)
Once out pictures were taken, we headed into the main event. We were all very excited, we saw the sponsors around the room, also took full advantage of the tea, coffee and bacon butties! 

Then the big tanoy made noise, the voice of our race director Mark Light. We were invited to make our way to our seats, and be ready for the briefings from Patron Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Race Director Mark, Deputy Race Director Dan as well as many other things to be said by various Clipper Race Committee members. 
The Nervous Wait (Photo Credit: Sandra Squire)
The day was a day of big reveals as well as the main event of crew allocation! I will not go into detail of the reveals, as a request to privacy, until the formal announcements are made. However, what I can say, is that YOU are in for a treat when all of the details are revealed.

The crew allocation was broadcast live over the wonders that is the internet, however, technology is not always on our side, but all events were recorded. If you would like to watch the crew allocation video, click here

So, the time crew allocation came along, and it was great! Each skipper was asked to revel half of their teams names, and they were displayed on the big projector. It was very exciting!

I can reveal that I will be sailing with Chris Kobusch and my racing yacht is CV29 - Team Qingdao. 

I cannot explain JUST how excited I am about this opportunity, and something else I can definitly say... BRING IT ON

CV29 Alongside in Gosport, UK