Kit Reviews

Kit Reviews

Here, I will be reviewing the kit that I have used/abused/owned etc. all to do with sailing! I hope you find these reviews helpful when it comes time for you guys to purchase your sailing kit!

If you have any feedback - please, drop a comment below! Thanks!

For all images, I have used various websites - I have "captioned" them with the image. However, if they are subject to copyright, I will remove them. 

Helly Henson 90L & 50L Kit Bag

I have two HH Duffel Bags, one is a 90L and the other is 50L. I used them in my race across the North Pacific in 2014. They are both still going strong, but I won't be using them again for sailing offshore! - I'll explain below...

I used the 90L to carry my Gauss Dreamseeker Sleeping Bag, Henri Lloyd Extreme Waterproof Boots, and Foulies. Which was fine and there was still a little bit of room! (Surprising, I know!)
The 50L housed everything else, my clothes, wash kit, pillow, technologies etc...
The bag can be a back pack which makes it easier to carry, especially when heavy! It is waterproof to the extent of spray, but NOT when submerged... One of my kit bags did end up getting very damp (submerged) when it was stowed, and as a result, water penetrated the bag, and caused some damage... mould - and ware on handles, etc.
There is an outside pocket, which isn't much use really, and a mesh one on the inside. On the lid, there is also a mesh pocket... I used that for keeping my logbook etc.
However, I still use these bags, just not when I am afloat anymore! They have handled a fair beating from various baggage handlers, and are still quite sterdy!

Gauss Dreamseeker Sleeping Bag!Gauss-Dreamseeker-Marine-Sleeping-Bag-Good-Condition-£120-plus-shipping/ckt6/568c151b0cf223ef44cac6be

So, this sleeping bag was incredible! I absolutely LOVED it!! It was so warm, cozy and PERFECT for when I racing across the North Pacific, as well as looking after me on days when I didn't feel so clever, or when I did sustain an injury. It was very, big, and sadly quite bulky, and not ideal for the pit onboard a Clipper 70... It has a layer system, so you can remove layers to make it cooler, and of course, add them back it to make it warmer... I would still recommend this bag, even though its bulky! :-)  

Henri Lloyd Extreme Waterproof Boot
I bought these boots in the lead up to my level 3 training, and then proceeded to use them in my race. (Qingdao - San Francisco). On the whole, they were a great boot, very warm, dry, supportive, and they have a gaiter which is a nice bonus. I did have only one realy issue, and that was the ease of getting the boots on and off! They were great, but just tough to get on and off, but they were comfy. Another small issue I had was when water actually got in the boot - they took a long time to dry - time which was only when I wasn't using them on deck! But, it was OK in the long run. On reflection - I will be using different boots for my RTW circumnavigtion on taking advice from a good friend / fellow sailor! [Check Out]

Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bag [Blue, Regular Length]

I purchased this sleeping bag on advice from fellow crew after using the Gauss. (Don't get me wrong here, the Gauss is an incredible bag, just to big for Clipper 70's!
*Review Coming Soon*
This sleeping bag, is awesome.There is just no other word! It is so comfortable, warm, easy to use and easy to stow. It was a little to warm for the Australia weather, but when on an overnight passage, it will be lovely to get into after a cold deck shift! 

 Henri Lloyd Ocean Pro Smock

*Review Coming Soon*

Henri Lloyd Ocean Pro Sallopettes

*Review Coming Soon*

Henri Lloyd Extreme Mid-Layer Sallopettes

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