Thursday, 24 March 2016

One Week to Go!

Good Morning All!

So, it is the final week at work for me before I head back "down-under" to Australia to complete my Level 2 training.
I am all packed (nearly), and ready to go!

I have since update the 15/16 Race in Qingdao page, please take a look. I will also be posting updates about my Level 2 training while in Australia when time allows! It will be a busy time! Not only will I be doing sail training, we also will be completing our Sea Survival Course! Busy times indeed!

More updates to follow!

And as always, thanks for following the blog! Don't forget to check out Twitter & Facebook!

Jess xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Next update? Whats coming up?

What's coming up?

Now I have returned to Shanghai, after having the BEST time in Qingdao! I can now spend a little time updating the blog.

Here is what to look forward too;
  • 15/16 Clipper Fleet in Qingdao - Page Update
  • Day Shapes / Lights added to Nav page.
  • Come April, there will be a release on my Level 2 Page.
  • More kit reviews coming your way too!

The next update will be a busy one!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016

It's the FINAL Countdown!

[And now the song is in your head!]

Hi Guys,
It is literally the final countdown!
Fundraising Event No. 1 (Coffee Free for one month) is nearly at an end! Only 4 days to go and I will be able to enjoy the warm, yummy taste of a decent coffee!
Thank You for the donations!

In other news, this week, I will also be in Qingdao for the Clipper Fleets Arrival, allthough, at present, the fleet will be there before I get there!

AND then.... It will be 2 weeks before I head to Sydney, Australia to complete Level 2 Training and a Sea Survival Course!

It's all go!