Sunday, 21 February 2016

Updates 21st Feb

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Current Fundraising Activities

Event No. 1; Coffee Free Month [10th Feb - 10th Mar]
This is in progress, and is going very well - I am halfway through week two, coffee free! On Friday, I was gifted COFFEE from Indonesia! Its torture... to have it sat there, I can smell it, I can't wait to open it and drink some when I return from Qingdao on the 13th March!
Donatations however have been very few! But - we are still in the early stages! :)

Event No. 2; Teaching Resources Sale on TES (Click here, to view my "shop") [Ongoing]
Seems crazy to make this into a fundraiser, but it is something that I do every day - so I figured I would put it to good use! I am in the process of uploading my English Resources, and over time, I will add the Music Resources too. My resources are all £1 unless otherwise stated. I have also got some Mandarin resources - easy-peasy language stuff! [Prep yourselves for the Qingdao Stopover!]

Whats New?

  • Fundraising Activity added - click here to read all about it!
  • Thank You's Added! - click here to read all about that! :-)

What to look forward to?

  • Training Update
  • News of Sponsors
  • Additions to Kit Reviews (Click here)

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