Thursday, 7 July 2016

If you can't tie a KNOT, tie a KNOT

Hi Folks,
Good to see you!

Welcome to some new readers! - Great to see you here too!

I write this post from a very hot Shanghai today! There a typhoon making its way in from the North Pacific, due to hit Taiwan tomorrow... and subsequently Shanghai in the following days. Currently a weather warning for Heat Wave... Don't get me wrong. I LOVE SUMMER, but HOT plus HUMID = equivelent of Doldrums on dry land!
I have been practice cloud watching from my 11th floor apartment, and weather watching online to see if what I see, is what is going to happen... and so far, so good.

Enough of Shanghai weather!

This post is to let you lovely lot know that in the coming couple of days (as I progress in building the page) I will bring you a new page... ALL ABOUT KNOTS! Very important, as sailors that we know the knots we need for the right job.
It is known than folks get stressed about the knots, but... with practice... they happen, and when you can get that bowline right first time, while being soaked on the bow while changing a sail - its a great feeling! Check and Chuck, and you're away!

I will update again when the page is uploaded!

Keep smiling folks, I'm back in blighty IN A WEEK!

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