Saturday, 13 February 2016

Cracking Deals for Clipper Crew!

Must See Website(s)!

Hi Everyone,

I have just had a great chat with a friend...  (He was my Skipper for my Level 2 in 13/14 race), how I was in a bit of a conundrum about boots... which boots to get, which were better than my current (Henri Lloyd Extreme Waterproofs) boots. I mention about the general sway among crew on CV27 and he was in total agreement, and as a result I managed to get a crackin' deal!

So... fellow sailors, clipper crew, upcoming clipper crew... Get yourselves over to FIERCE TURTLE! It is a great website, lots of info, deals, all things clipper, second-hand kit for sale... it really is a good site - I have linked it in "Links to See" but their website is;

and they can also be found on Facebook!

Please - go on over and check them out!

Jess x

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